Language is the blood of the soul.
– Oliver Wendell Holmes

The Voice of Love ~ Interpreting Compassion

We are the voice of trauma-informed interpreting.

Millions of survivors of torture and war trauma have fled their homeland. About 500,000 live in the U.S. They are courageous. But without interpreters, many of them cannot fully access medical and other services.Trained interpreters give them a voice.

The Voice of Love (VOL) trains interpreters to give voice to survivors of the most intense trauma.

We are the world leaders for trauma-informed interpreting. Effective training protects survivors and interpreters. Trauma-informed interpreters:

  • Understand trauma
  • Support survivor safety, choice and control
  • Protect themselves from trauma

VOL stands proud for creating the most in-depth training in the world for trauma-informed interpreting for survivors of torture and war trauma.

  • Our Mission

Through the provision of quality interpreting, promote the equal access of linguistically diverse survivors of torture, war trauma and sexual violence to services that advance their healing, growth and achievement.

  • Our Vision

A world where every survivor of torture, war trauma and sexual violence who needs language assistance has access to a trauma-trained, qualified interpreter.

  • Our Goal

Increase the number of trauma-informed and trauma-focused interpreters who are qualified to work with survivors of torture, war trauma, and sexual violence.

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There are hundreds of languages in the world, but a smile speaks them all.
– Anonymous