Liliya Robinson

Liliya Robinson is a professional interpreter with over 25 years of experience ranging from corporate, legal and government conference interpretations to limited amount of translation work. Originally from Belarus, Liliya has lived in the U.S. since 1994 and holds a Master’s degree in teaching English and German languages, in addition to extensive experience teaching foreign languages. In her very active professional life, she has also worked as a freelance English/Russian interpreter, translator, and consultant since 2004, with a focus on healthcare (specifically mental health), legal interpretation, and international conferences interpretation.

Liliya is a trainer in the program “Community Interpreter and Medical Terminology for Interpreters” and has been a co-presenter of the “Art of Interpretation” training seminar for bi-lingual employees of DHS and ICE on basic principles of interpretation. Liliya is one of the principal authors and trainers of Healing Voices, a collaborative writing program dedicated to developing training and resources on interpreting for survivors of torture, war trauma, and sexual violence. She also provides consultations to federal agencies and corporate entities on the issues of terminology research, compiling specialized glossaries, and utilizing multiple glossaries during simultaneous interpretation.

EMAIL:     TEL: (301) 641-5271