Monique Roske

Monique Roske, President and owner of M2 Language Consultants LLC, has been involved in teaching languages for over 25 years. Prior to and since the creation of M2 Language Consultants LLC, Ms. Roske has been serving as Foreign Language Consultant to a number of clients, supporting their efforts to successfully maintain or improve their standing the foreign-language market.

Ms. Roske works hand-in-hand with U.S. Government agencies at the Interagency Language Roundtable (ILR) and at ASTM, where she, as a member of various committees, helps establish US standards for foreign-language testing, teaching, translating and interpreting. As chair of the ASTM Interpreting Subcommittee, Ms. Roske oversaw the creation of the revised ASTM Standard Practice for Interpreting, currently scheduled to be published in early 2015. Ms. Roske also served as a member of the US delegation to global ISO negotiations, again supporting the creation of global foreign-language teaching standards.

Ms. Roske is an experienced OPI tester following the FSI protocol of assessing speaking, listening and reading skills in accordance with ILR guidelines. Serving as third-party testers, her team of highly skilled native language testers is uniquely suited to assess ongoing foreign-language classes. Their regular assessments comprise diagnostic conclusions where the testers and Ms. Roske, as the examiner, offer constructive criticism and suggestions for pedagogic improvements. After 8+ years of offering these services on behalf of Washington area language schools, Ms. Roske is now happy to offer this service on behalf of her own company.

Ms. Roske currently teaches two courses on Intercultural Communication to first and second-year students at the University of Maryland’s Graduate Program for Translation and Interpretation.

Ms. Roske taught translation and interpretation at Georgetown University for 14 years, German at Johns Hopkins University, School for Advanced International Studies, for one year, and German and French to US military and law enforcement officers and diplomats for the past 8 years. She worked as Language Training Supervisor at the Washington Language Center and subsequently as Vice President, Business Development and Recruiting at Diplomatic Language Services in the Washington DC area. She also served as Project Manager for a number of Defense Language Institute (DLIFLC) Curriculum Development projects in Intermediate/Advanced Persian Farsi and Pashto. More recently, she worked with the National Language Service Corps as Senior Linguist; she continues to be a member of the Corps.

For 25 years, Mrs. Roske worked with DGA International, Inc., an international consulting firm in Washington DC that she helped start together with two former officials of the Johnson Administration. DGA International was particularly successful in the transportation arena and, among other achievements, ensured the US landing rights for the British/French Concord airplanes. She also served as Director of Government Relations for the Coalition for Employment through Exports (CEE), with particular emphasis on export-finance issues. As the co-chair of the Private Sector Coalition for AGOA (American Growth and Opportunity Act), Ms. Roske was instrumental in supporting passage through Congress of the first-ever U.S. trade legislation with sub-Saharan Africa.

Ms. Roske has a MA in Liberal Studies (International Affairs/Social and Public Policy) from Georgetown University and another MA in Multicultural/Multilingual Education from George Mason University. She has certificates and diplomas in Translation/Interpretation from Georgetown University, French from the Sorbonne in Paris, English from the University of Cambridge, UK, and Italian from the University of Florence, Italy.