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The Voice of Love | Interpreting Compassion

MCIS – VOL Notice


The training programs and materials offered by the Voice of Love have recently been acquired by MCIS Language Solutions. We are currently working on an initiative to bring back Healing Voices: Interpreting for Survivors of Torture, War Trauma and Sexual Violence. The session is being planned for the summer of 2017 in Toronto, Canada.

MCIS Language Solutions is a Canada-based, non-profit social enterprise which has maintained its commitment to vulnerable persons and their rights to access important public services in their respective languages since 1989. MCIS provides interpretation, translation, and other specialized language services, as well as training for interpreters aspiring to work in legal, medical and social services settings. Learn more about MCIS…

For more information contact us at training@mcis.on.ca or 416-426-7014.

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